Charlotte Branwell – The Best Shadowhunter?

Hello my fellow book nerds!

I have been rereading The Infernal Device series by Cassandra Clare and I forgot how much I love this series. Everyone (should) remember the book that got them into YA and these were mine. I was working at Barnes and Noble and I remember seeing the cover for Clockwork Angel and being instantly drawn to it.

I mean – how could you not? IT’S GORGEOUS

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Thus began my journey into the shadowhunter world. I am relucent to say that I have not read The Dark Artifacts yet but I plan on it. After I finish TID I am going to reread The Mortal Instruments and then finally read The Dark Artifacts.

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One of the best things about this world is the characters Cassie created. O.M.G. are they perfection?? I absolutely adore everyone in The Infernal Devices and then The Mortal Instruments characters are perfect for that time.

Now, I’m sure that I am not the only person who imagines themselves as the character when they read. Why wouldn’t I want to be part of this awesome world?! Before I started my reread I always thought I wanted to be like Isabelle Lightwood. She’s fierce, sexy, and loyal. She is such an amazing character. But…. as I have been rereading The Infernal Devices it clicked – why wouldn’t I want to be like Charlotte Branwell? She is probably the most badass female character in this series. So I present to you, a blog post on why I think Charlotte Branwell may be the best shadowhunter.

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Please remember that this is before I read The Dark Artifacts so we’ll see if I feel the same way after I have read that series.

Charlotte Branwell, nee Fairchild, was place as head of the London Institute along with her husband Henry Branwell. Charlotte was the first female to run an institute and did so by herself. Even though Henry was named as head of the institute as well, everyone knew Charlotte was the one really in charge. While head of the institute, she welcomed many people into her home, including Tessa Gray who was neither a shadowhunter or demon. Through her kindness she had a loyal following of everyone in the institute and created a true home for shadowhunters.

Even though Charlotte had a lot of struggles and proving, she did so gracefully. She never strayed from her beliefs and always did what she thought was best for the clave. While staying strong mentally, Charlotte was physically strong as well. The scenes in The Infernal Devices where she is fighting are amazing! She is wicked in the battlefield to defend those she loves. Her loyalty and heart is what makes her the best shadowhunter. ***SPOILER ALERT***  At the end of The Infernal Devices, all of Charlotte’s hard work is paid off. She is asked to become Consul – a high position of honor in the shadowhunter world. She accepts with certain conditions but is clearly the best choice for the job.

Charlotte has proven to be a powerful source on and off the battlefield. I highly respect her as a character and could not compete with her love. I know I would fight and die for Charlotte Branwell. I think the most amazing thing about her is she accomplished all this AT THE AGE OF 23!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you think? Who’s your favorite Shadowhunter? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Happy Reading

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7 thoughts on “Charlotte Branwell – The Best Shadowhunter?

    1. Yay!!! Definitely restart the series with The Infernal Devices, you will appreciate The Mortal Instruments so much more. Then you just have to push through City of Ashes (book 2) – after that book the series ends so well.


  1. To be fair, Charlotte is a pretty epic choice. I loved her in the Clockwork Angel series!! She’s so capable and also badass. Clary didn’t really cut it for me, to be honest… or Will (this could be because I had a massive crush on him for far too long though)

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    1. Clary is cool because of her frieceness and how not being in the world her whole life she adapts so quickly and she has those amazing powers, but Charlotte is all class and to me, her influence really shows when they all stand up for her and fights with/for her in the end. Everyone in that institute would have died for her without even questioning it.


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