#Blogmas Day 2: December TBR



Hello fellow book nerds! Yesterday’s car inspection took way too long. I had to wait around for 7 hours for them to tell me everything that is wrong with it. *sigh*

But today I was able to sit down to make my banner for Blogmas! I hope you enjoy it. So today I bring you my TBR for December. This is it for the year. My Goodreads challenge  was set to 50 books but I blew that out of the water. I currently have finished 167 books. Holy crap right??? So I am just going to try and get a bunch of ARCs in this month and we’ll see where it goes.

Along with blogmas, the only challenge I am partipating in this month is Magical Readathon’s #MagicalFeast2018. Are you doing it?

Christmas at Hogwarts readathon.jpg

I also really want to get a full first draft done of my WIP. I got 31,000 words in with NaNo so I think it is possible. At least I hope so!

What are you excited to read this month? Are any of my books on your TBR?

Happy Reading!

#MagicalFeast2018 TBR 12/17-12/26

Finish Your Coursework

Finish your current read


Help Hagrid decorate the tree

Book with Golden Detail


Visit 3 Broomsticks for mulled pixie wine

A read that should only take a day/evening


Attend a Yule Ball

A book you’ve been preparing yourself for


Use your Invisibility Cloak to get to the Restricted Section of the Hogwart’s Library

Read a banned book


Attend the Christmas Feast

Harry Potter Marathon!!!


9 thoughts on “#Blogmas Day 2: December TBR

      1. I keep trying to get into audiobooks but I am not good on focusin on them and it makes me sad.

        I do have Sadie and Illuminae though, which I have heard GREAT Things about, and am going to read along with the audio to see if that changes my life.


      2. I’ve heard that is the only way to truly experience Illuminae, I’ll be doing the same! The trick for me was finding a good narrator to start with, that is SUPER important as the narrator can make or break the audio.

        Then I started in the car with my commutes and started doing other things, like dishes, folding laundry and now I listen to them everywhere. I hope you get it cuz it truly is an experience☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s great! Mine should only be 10 minutes but gotta love traffic turning it into 30😂 and trust me, it makes chores WAY better. Let me know how it goes or if you ever need a suggestion!

        Liked by 1 person

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