#BeatTheBacklist2019 Thursday 01/03

Hello fellow book nerds!

I honestly really enjoyed posting every day for blogmas and thought I wanted to keep most of that up. While I will keep posting reviews Monday and Wednesday, I will be filling up the week with other fun posts!

Yesterday I finally signed up for Beat the Backlist 2019. For those of you who don’t know, Beat the Backlist is a yearly challenge Austine from Novel Knight has put together. Throughout the year, you read books that were published in 2018 or older. In order for them to count you HAVE to start them in 2019.

While I have a lot of books that I need to read, this makes it way more fun and challenging. Especially because she has a Hogwarts House challenge. So, I will be participating and getting points for my house:


Image result for ravenclaw

This brings me to this post. Every Thursday I will be posting an update of my personal challenge. I currently have 41 books planned out for the year but this will be continually updated.

I am doing the BIG bingo list also so that will be regularly updated throughout each week also.

What are your thoughts? Are you participating in #BeatTheBacklist2019 – which house are you representing?

Happy Reading!


Goodreads Beat The Backlist Shelf



Since I just started, I haven’t completed any books yet this week.


Currently Reading


Bingo Card


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