Smoke and Summons by Charlie N. Holmberg: Book Review

Hello fellow book nerds! It is not secret on how much I love Charlie. I recommend all of her books all of the time.

Oh? You haven’t read any. Well you should.

Back to my post… Her new book Smoke and Summons is due to come out on February 1, 2019 BUT it is an Amazon Prime First Read which means you can get it NOW!

Oh? You haven’t claimed your First Read yet? Perfect, you can get this now.

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book but it didn’t stop me from getting it in Kindle form… and audio form… and hardback form.

What I am trying to say is this is one of the best books she has written so far. I absolutely loved everything about this book.. except for the ending. How dare you leave it like that…

Let me know what you think!

Happy Reading!


Smoke and Summons


Charlie N. Holmberg


5 out of 5 stars


Taken from Goodreads

As a human vessel for an ancient spirit, Sandis lives no ordinary life. At the command of her master, she can be transformed against her will into his weapon—a raging monster summoned to do his bidding. Unlike other vessels, Sandis can host extremely powerful spirits, but hosting such creatures can be fatal. To stay alive, she must run. And in a city fueled by smoke and corruption, she finds a surprising ally.

A cunning thief for hire, Rone owns a rare device that grants him immortality for one minute every day—a unique advantage that will come in handy in Sandis’s fight for freedom. But Sandis’s master knows how powerful she is. He’s determined to get her back, and he has the manpower to find her, wherever she runs.

Now, to outwit her pursuers, Sandis must put all her trust in Rone and his immortal device. For her master has summoned more than mere men to hunt her down…



What an amazing story. I was completely blown away with how great this was. The two things I was expecting from this novel that was not in the story was some epic vessel summons and more about this illegal occult practice, but it wasn’t. However, I wasn’t disappointed by this at all. This allowed us to focus much more on the characters and the world. Desberg isn’t a big place so the novel was set in a small area. While they didn’t travel as much, Holmberg’s writing kept me interested the whole time. She wrote about their travels in such an entrancing way that I felt like I was on the run with them. Even though some of the parts seemed a little repeatable, they were never the same situation. This risk was very rewarding because it created a very realistic setting without losing interest. Since this book concentrated more on building the world, I cannot wait to get more of the story in the next book. This was the perfect introductory book and with the mother of all cliffhangers, the next book is going to be amazing.

Holmberg has a way with creating some of the most memorable characters. Every time I think I’ve found my favorite one, I read another story and fall in love all over again. Sandis and Rone are no exceptions. I immediately connected with both of these characters. Sandis was such a powerful main character, and not only because of her ability to summon strong numen. Her personality was always hopeful and it made you truly want her to find her freedom. Rone was everything I wanted him to be. He is such a loyal character and I loved seeing how he handled his inner conflicts as his story developed. These two are amazing together and I am excited to see where their relationship goes in the next book.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Smoke and Summons by Charlie N. Holmberg is her best book yet. This was so unique and cleverly put together. Such a great fantasy world full of action and information. The pace was fantastically set and it never felt like there were unnecessary parts to this story. I adored Sandis and Rone. They truly brought together this story. Smoke and Summons was a great first book in the series, really focusing on story and character building without giving too little or too much information. I highly recommend this book to fantasy lovers who enjoy unique worlds, secret cults, and perfectly blending chemistry between characters.


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6 thoughts on “Smoke and Summons by Charlie N. Holmberg: Book Review

  1. I love the beginning of this post, it’s what pulled me in in my Reader. Sounds like an incredible book, I haven’t read anything by this author nor heard of her. *oops* What book would you recommend from her for me to read first? Great review. 🙂


    1. Hahahahaha I’m glad you loved it. I was semi delirious when I wrote it😅 but depending on what you like this is what you should read (all of them are fantasy):
      Magical: The Paper Magician Series
      Mystery: The Fifth Doll
      Historical: Veins of Gold
      Romance: Followed by Frost
      A mixture of everything: Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

      I hope you love her as much as I do♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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