#FangirlingOnFriday – Fandoms

Hello fellow book nerds! I am so excited to give you my first #FangirlingOnFriday post. I really hope you all decide to join me (eventually). If you need the prompts you can go here to get them: Fangirling on Friday Prompts

If you decide to join me in fangirling – please don’t forget to tag the post with the prompts so I can follow you and share!

And what best way to start fangirling than about fandoms?! Here we go!

Happy Reading!




If you know me at all, I am trash for this world. I love it so so so much. How Cassie combines the world in each book, ugh it’s just so amazing. I will stand and die by everyone in it.


Harry Potter

Image result for ravenclaw

Obviously. This is such a great fandom and world. I remember reading the books as they came out and the movies as well. There is so much about this world that brings people together and gives us hope. I think one of the things I love about this world is how it has brought many people into reading and together.


Hunger Games

Image result for mockingjay

This is a world I really need to revisit. The first read through this was a whirlwind of emotions (FINNICKKKKKKKKK). Then reliving the moments in the movies (FINNICKKKKKKKKKK). Standing always by Peeta (I HATE YOU GALE). I think you get the point.


11 thoughts on “#FangirlingOnFriday – Fandoms

  1. I absolutely love the worldbuilding in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. I wasn’t impressed that much with the first book initially (I thought there was a lot of infodumping) but the subsequent books were all 4 and 5 stars for me. I have Ghosts of the Shadow Market and Chain of Gold pre-ordered already. Yes, I know they come out in June and November.


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