#SixForSunday – Bookish Loves

Hello fellow book nerds! We have another Sunday talking about all things books with the Six for Sunday prompts hosted by Steph at A Little but A Lot.

Today we are talking about bookish loves. So I will be talking about 6 things I love about books.

What are some of your bookish loves?

Happy Reading!


1. Fantasy

It’s no secret that I love fantasy novels. While sometimes I will take a break and do sci-fi or crime/thriller, I can’t help but return to my true love. There is just so much magic (semi-literal) in these books and I love the way the adventures whisk me away.


2. Cover Love

It is also no secret that I completely judge books by their cover. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my bookshelf filled with beautiful looking books – yes I know how that sounds. In all honestly though, a nicely designed book cover catches my eye which makes me read the descriptions. There are some books that I have skimmed the description to make sure it’s in my genre and then read it completely based on the cover.


3. Hate to Love Trope

Oh my do I love a great enemies to lover trope. This is one of my favorite because I love seeing their relationship blossom. It fills my heart up so much and all the angsty romance buildup. Ugh, it’s everything.


4. Series

I love series… I honestly think I read too many. There are so many great books out there that I love it when they continue the stories. I really need to start reading more stand-a-lone’s. It would be disgusting to count how many series I am currently in the middle of.


5. Prophecy Tropes

Prophet tropes is another one that I love. There are great books that revolve around a prophet of someone saving the world and even though I know who it is and how it’s going to end, it is still a crazy and wonderful adventure.


6. Community

Okay, okay… but seriously. This community is amazing and I am so happy I am apart of it. I know there has been some drama but there will always be one person causing it. I would really just like to take the time to say that there is so much more good than bad in this community. Everyone I have met is fantastic and they way they support each other. I love everyone in it and the way that we come together for our simple love of books.

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