Life After Death by Jackson Baer: Book and Audio Review

Hello fellow book nerds! I was lucky enough to be approached by the author to continue the Childs’ story with the next book in the series. This was done with audio again since that is how I completed the first book. I definitely enjoyed this book and thought it was a great end to the series.

What’s your favorite family drama books?

Please be aware that this is the second book in the series. If you have not read the first book there maybe spoilers. The review for Life After Death is spoiler free, as always.

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**Note: the narrator/audio content does not affect my rating for the story itself

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Rating according to Goodreads:
5-It was amazing
4- Really liked it
3- Liked it
2- It was okay
1- Did not like it

“You can’t truly appreciate the good until you experience the bad.”

Life After Death


Jackson Baer

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4 out of 5 stars


Taken from Goodreads

The Childs family has endured a terrible tragedy, but the FBI’s shocking discovery has turned their lives upside down.

His kids have all moved on from the death of their mother, as has Isaac from the loss of his wife, but now that the FBI has finally solved the case, the Childs family must face the loss of Ramie all over again.

Each has their own relationships and their own lives, but all are upended due to unforeseen circumstances. As they maneuver these new lives, they must deal with love, heartache, and jealousy as a family, and the choices they face will not be easy.

Their decisions bring out the best in some… and the worst in others.



I liked this book a lot more than the first one. It may have been because I was not expecting it to be a thriller/suspense so that prenotion wasn’t in my mind. This book followed the Childs’ family after discovering that Ramie is still actually alive. There were more issues the family had to deal with along with the reappearance of Ramie. I appreciated the events that happened to this family and the way they dealt with each situation. It truly made each situation believable. This was definitely a family drama book. Since I was not expecting a suspenseful novel, it truly allowed me to enjoy the story more. There were only a couple of things that did not work for me. The first was how fast this entire family moved on. Each one of them come out of a serious relationship to enter “the” relationship. I did like this in a sense that it gave us closure for the characters but it all happened within a month of each other. The other thing was that I wished we had more of Ramie. An amazing and crazy thing happened where Ramie returned after they thought she was dead but she was briefly in the story. I was expecting a little more from this plot point. Other than those two things I enjoyed the story and thought it was a great way to end this duology.

The story mostly concentrated on the kids, Olivia and Carter. Honestly, I think this is why I enjoyed the book more. I like Olivia and Carter a lot more than Isaac so with a higher concentration from them, made it more enjoyable. While I was still interested in Isaac’s life, I didn’t really like him as a character too much. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reasoning but I definitely related more to Olivia and Carter which made me care more about their story. The dialogue between the characters still seemed a little stiff but the relationship between them was still fantastic. I really enjoy the family dynamic and the way they joke with each other. There were moments that they had me laughing alongside with them.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Life After Death by Jackson Baer was a successful ending to the series. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this book and how the family dealt with the drama. There were a couple of issues I had with the plot but they were easy to look past to truly enjoy this book. I was happy that we were able to follow Olivia and Carter more in this book as they are my favorite characters. The family dynamic in this book is what really brings everything together. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoyed the first one and wants to continue the Childs’ story or who is looking for a good family drama book.


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Audio Review

The same narrator was used from An American Family, which isn’t my favorite. It was easier to enjoy this time as I remember how listening to the first book was. The same monotone was used through the story, not giving much inflection to the scenes that were happening. Also, not enough change of voice was used for the characters. This is a book where I recommend physical reading instead of listening to in order to engage in the story.

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