#BeatTheBacklist2019 Thursday 01/24

Hello fellow book nerds!

Another great week! I feel so proud whenever I add my books to Ravenclaw. I am determined to get our house to the top.

How are you doing?

Happy Reading!


Goodreads Beat The Backlist Shelf

Total Number of Books: 14

Completed This Month


Currently Reading


Bingo Card



21 thoughts on “#BeatTheBacklist2019 Thursday 01/24

  1. Well done you! I am a Hufflepuff who’s letting the side down, I’ve only contributed 4 books so far. You are definitely going to complete the whole epic bingo board!


  2. Ooh you’re storming ahead, well done! I’m just please Hufflepuff aren’t last anymore! What did you think of Hunted? It was one of my friends’ favourites from a couple of years ago and I always remember how much I want to read it too when it pops up somewhere.


  3. You are on a roll with this challenge. I am adding my books to Ravenclaw as well. So far this year I have read 9 books but only 5 of them have counted for the challenge. Do you mind me asking how you put the book covers on the bingo board??


    1. YAY RAVENCLAW! 9 books this year is awesome, even if all of them aren’t backlist books! I use an app called PicsArt on my phone – it’s kind of like Photoshop. So I have the basic board (well I use the latest one so I don’t have to add the photos ever single time) and then you can add photos and I adjust it so it fits!

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  4. Wow, such progress! I have read a total of 11 books this month, but I think only 7 are backlisted books. I just submitted all of them to the house competition. Sadly, we are competing! But, I feel like we are all winners getting to our older books.


    1. Exactly!!! I would love to see Ravenclaw take it all but it’s amazing to see all the backlisted books people have already submitted and it’s only January! This is such a great competition but honestly it just brings us all together – the way House competitions should truly be

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