#FangirlingOnFriday – Heroines


Hello fellow book nerds! We celebrated International Women’s Day last friday so what better way to celebrate in a book way than to talk about some of my favorite book heroines.

These ladies inspire me so much and they never give up, even when it gets rough. Since I do a lot of fantasy books, there heroines are very easy to spot. I love them all and each one holds a special place in my heart.

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Happy Reading!



Image result for the hunger games book

I don’t know if we can talk about heroine’s without mentioning Katniss. I love her so much. From sacrificing herself to save Prim to sacrificing herself to save Panem. She is tough and fierce, but in the end – she just has the biggest heart.


Image result for the wretched of muirwood

I know, I always talk about Lia but she is seriously amazing. She literally comes from nothing and discovers who she is. Lia is such a strong character and lets nothing stand in her way. She is one of my favorite characters everywhere.


Image result for shadow wings

My snarky Ryn. She cracks me up and she was a fantastic character. Ryn definitely was a strong, independent character. Finding out about her life and how she defies the challenges presented in front of her, all while joking. If I was going to battle, I’d want her personality for sure.


Image result for the hundredth queen

Kalinda shatters this world. She was an orphan chosen to become the hundredth queen, but has to fight for her spot. Kalinda was such a strong character, within and out. She always stood up for what she believed in and never let anyone tell her differently. Kalinda was so smart and made sure to do things the right way. She is definitely a character to look up to.


Image result for the paper magician

Oh, Ceony. Even though she was very impulsive – she always followed through. She risked her life in order to save others. I also love how smart Ceony is. If it wasn’t for her brains, she wouldn’t have been able to do the things she accomplished. Even though she was a little stubborn in the beginning, she always had a big heart and willingly learned.


Image result for harry potter and the sorcerer's stone book

So, there are plenty of heroines within this book – Luna, Tonks, Mrs. Weasley – but honestly, Hermoine is one to look up to. While she is very studious, she is also very brave. Her brains have saved Harry and Ron multiple times and rarely lost her cool. They are definitely all a team but without Hermoine, it wouldn’t be complete.

Robin Ellacott

Image result for cuckoo's calling

We learn a lot about Robin as the novels continue. I absolutely adore and respect her character so much. She has been through a lot during her college days and even on the job but it never stops her. Robin is beyond brave and very smart as well. She is definitely a partner you would want!

Charlotte Branwell

Image result for clockwork angel

This was hard…. each Shadowhunter in this world is fantastic in their own way. But Charlotte is still one of my favorites. She is smart, strong, and so kind. She makes the London Institute home, not only to the Shadowhunters that live there but to anyone who needs it. During the time, she overcame so many odds, all while keeping her wits. You can read my blog post on Charlotte Branwell – The Best Shadowhunter?


Image result for the blood spell

Each character in the Ravenspire series so far have all been fantastic, smart, and strong. We were introduced to Blue in the latest installment and, oh my do I love her. She is such a great example of a heroine. Blue is smart and so kind – even when she shouldn’t, she always tries to help.


Image result for a darker shade of magic

Delilah Bard is not your typical heroine, which is one of the reasons she is so badass. She is so unconventional and wears a hard exterior but deep down, she is a softy. I loved seeing her personality change throughout the series up to the very end. Lila saves Red London, more than once, and (even though you would expect it) never wants the full glory of it. She just uses it when it’s convenient for her. Lila is definitely a badass pirate, magician, and saver of the world.

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