#SixForSunday – More of These Characters Please!

Hello fellow book nerds!

Okay so I am actually really excited for this prompt. As soon as I read it my mind start whirling with ideas! So I am going to give you my top 6 characters who I think deserve their own book OR more of their own book.

Do you agree with any of my choices?

The Six for Sunday prompts are hosted by Steph at A Little but A Lot.

Happy Reading!



Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes, #3)

I am obsessed with Ceridwen from this series. In the final book we were able to get a little bit from her perspective but I would like a whole book dedicated to her, thanks!



The Captive (Emerge, #3)

While this series mostly follows Allie, in The Captive the story followed the events in Quinn and Sasha’s point of view. This is still my favorite in the series so far and I would love more book in Sasha’s point of view. Her character and gifts were so interesting!



The Last Namsara (Iskari, #1)

I feel like lately it’s been a thing where a series continues but it follows other people. This is one of those cases. I really enjoyed this book and would love to continue Asha’s story but the next two books are from different points of views. I’ll pick them up at some point but since it’s not Asha, I’m not sure when.



Image result for luna lovegood

Because who wouldn’t want to read on what’s going on in Luna’s head?



Blood Oath (Darkest Drae, #1)

As much as I LOVE my snarky girl Ryn – I wouldn’t mind reading a spin off series feature Lord Broody Pants as the main character. Because Tyrrik is everything and I would just love to see what he thinks when Ryn is at her best.


Magnus Bane

The Bane Chronicles


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