Hiatus Announcement

Hello fellow book nerds!

So if you follow my posts you know I started a new job. It’s completely different from my old job and my training has been very extensive.

Since it’s so different I’ve been having a hard time trying to get a schedule under control which means my blog has suffered for it. So I’m announcing a mini hiatus until I’m done with training and have a better handle on my schedule.

As of right now my hiatus will be until the end of September. I have some blog tours and other commitments I have previously made that I am still planning on doing but other consistent posts are going to have to wait.

I like to put time into my posts with formatting, pictures, and links, so I don’t just want to rush through. I will have so much content for when I get back that I’ll be super excited to share with you!

So hang in there with me and I promise this hiatus will be over before you and I know it.

Thank you all for the support❤️❤️

Happy reading!

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