Recommendation Monday – Unhauling


Hello fellow book nerds!

Today was a long weekend at work, to be honest. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for today’s post and then I opened my Kindle.

There are so many books that I didn’t even know I had on there. Whether it was because the book was free or discounted, who knows.

So what better therapy after a long weekend than organizing my Kindle?

The world is a crazy place right now and honestly it was so nice to just sit down, unwind, and do something productive with my books. I’ve been meaning to do an unhaul for a while and this was the perfect timing.

This recommendation Monday is working a little differently because I am not recommending reading a specific book but instead, getting rid of books that you’ll never read. If you’ve never done it before (this is my first), it kind of is a good and refreshing feeling.

Thus, my fellow friends, this Monday I recommend taking some time for yourself and doing an unhaul! If you are interested here is my list below.

I started with 385 books in my Kindle. My first unhaul resulted in removing 173 books from my Kindle which leaves me with 212. I’m sure I will remove more at some point.

Here are a couple of the books I did (to list all 173 was just too much) haha

Happy Reading!

30th Century: Escape (30th Century Trillogy #1)The Accelerating World: Speed vs. ControlAerisia: Land Beyond The Sunset (The Sunset Lands Beyond, #1)

All the Lasting ThingsAwaken (Patronus, #1)Slumber (Beauty Never Dies Chronicles, #1)

Banded (Banded, #1)Beautiful Nightmares: Women of Horror AnthologyBellamy and The Brute (Bellamy and the Brute, #1)

Beyond the Fortuneteller's Tent (Beyond, #1)Bishop's War (Bishop, #1)Black Rain

Blades of Magic (Crown Service, #1)Blood for Blood (Ziba MacKenzie, #1)Blood Of Your Blood


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