Noble Thief by M. Lynn – Book Review

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I have finished the sixth book in this series and I just love the way it all blends together.

While these books can be read separately, I highly recommend reading them in order. Everything gets covered nicely but there would just be a lot that you miss if you don’t.

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What’s your favorite retelling?

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noble Thief

M. lynn

Noble Thief (Fantasy and Fairytales, #6)

4 out of 5


Taken from Goodreads

A prince of two kingdoms, yet belonging to none.
Tyson Durand once knew exactly where he fit in life. As the son of the Gaulean queen and brother to the Belaen ruler, his loyalty was always divided.

Except when it came to her.

Amalie Leroy was his home – until she pushed him out of her life.

When Tyson’s mother summons him to Gaule, she sends him on a mission for the crown: find the outlaw terrorizing the kingdom.

He never imagined his search for the criminal would bring him face to face with everything he’d lost.

When he learns the truth of the mysterious hooded figure, how far will he go to save a woman who deceived him?
Like father, like daughter.
Amalie Leroy could never escape the legacy of her traitorous father. But maybe they weren’t as different as they seemed.

She once had everything she thought she wanted, but it wasn’t enough – not when her people suffered under the thumb of the crown.

So, she gave it up. She let her prince go, choosing the life of an outlaw over him.

And now he’s coming for her. No, not as the boy who loved her, but as an agent of the crown to hunt her down.

Only, he doesn’t know the truth of their past.

Amalie thought pushing Tyson away meant he could never destroy her.

She was wrong.


This book took me a bit longer to get into than the other ones. I think I was having a harder time connecting with Amalie than I had with Etta or Len but about halfway through the book really picked up for me. In Glass Princess, the tension between Amalie and Tyson was apparent but the reasoning wasn’t given. And it wasn’t given for so long. It was one of those secrets that is hinted at but not revealed halfway through. That is one of the reasons I had a hard time initially getting into it. I just didn’t really like Amalie that much and it was hard reading her chapters. I am really glad though that this animosity was brought upon and a resolution was given. This retelling was really enjoyable and definitely fit into this world nicely. Gaule is still having issues and now with the mysterious hood stealing from merchants, problems were on a rise. I understood Amalie’s reasoning for becoming the hood and trying to provide for her people. But it was just hard to support how she was going about things. I loved her loyalty to her people and how she never had more than they did. Tyson’s side of the story was good as well. I always enjoyed his character and I’m glad that we were able to get his story as well. After Simon, the Queen’s most trusted guard and friend to the family, is abducted by the hood, Tyson is sent on a mission to find the hood and Simon. There was just so much done right in this story and it was a good conclusion to the series.

As I said above, I really struggled with Amalie’s character in the beginning. Again, I understood where she was coming from and why she did the things as the hood as she did but I thought she was being naïve. The Queen is struggling to provide for Gaule but there was La Dame and then essentially a coup to get rid of Alex and then magic was reintroduced so yeah… that was a lot of changes for a kingdom and now the Queen has to deal with it all. So there is much that goes to trying to placate everybody but I never thought the Queen was doing a bad job. And as more background information was given and knowing that the Queen always regarded Amalie as a daughter, it was mind blowing that Amalie never approached the Queen but just did her own thing. Then revelations of why Amalie was so cold towards Tyson didn’t make sense to me. Tyson is so transparent and she really believed that about him? It was just tough to understand. About halfway through the book is where I think Amalie started to change and thank goodness. The book became way more enjoyable and I flew through the ending. I really enjoyed Tyson’s part of the books as well. There was some development on his side but not as much as Amalie. It seemed that way because Tyson had the whole series to show the development and I really liked that. The ending of this book was perfect and I love the way all of the characters from the other books tie into this one.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Noble Thief by M. Lynn was another good entry into this series but I did have some issues with it. I struggled with the first half of the book but it was due mostly to Amalie’s behavior. As the story continued and Amalie’s character developed more, I found myself flying through the book. There was so much I really enjoyed with it and I’m glad the answers of Amalie and Tyson that has plagued me since Glass Princess were provided. Halfway through the book was where my interest was really caught and I really enjoyed the rest of it. This story was definitely the perfect way to close the series of this generation. The way everything is combined and brought together was amazing. I highly recommend this book if you enjoyed the others and want really good closure. I highly recommend this whole series if you enjoy retellings and combined worlds told through different stories.

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