Vicarious by Rhett C. Bruno – Science Fiction Audiobook Recommendation

Hello fellow book nerds!

Who is ready for another round of audiobook recommendations?

I previously teamed with Inking Kingdoms on Thriller Audiobook Recommendations and now I am teaming up with Brian’s Book Blog for Science Fiction!

His blog is fantastic and always has such great recs for audiobooks. I always trust his opinion with SciFi books so I hope you find this helpful!

This series is going to take place over the next 10 Fridays and I hope you find one that really stands out to you.

I hope you enjoy this collaboration and let me know if you plan on picking up any of these audiobooks!

Happy Reading!



The real world is only where you breathe…

In High Earth, entertainment is everything. Virtual Worlds. Games. Steaming shows. Simulations—there’s something for everybody. You don’t ever even have to leave your home.

For Asher Reinhart, nothing compares to Ignis: Live, a reality show that pushes human beings to their very extremes. As a volunteer director, he closely monitors the lives of those living on an Interstellar Ark, believing they’re the last of humanity.

Mission is the show’s brightest young star. Born in hiding, her intelligence and near-perfect genetics have allowed her to rise up the ranks faster than any before her. But now that it’s her turn to provide for the Ark, everything changes…

With Mission’s life placed in danger, Asher is forced to choose: between the show he loves, or the woman whose existence has been the focus of his attention since the day he was born.

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Brian’s Review

Overall, I really really enjoyed Vicarious. I think that Bruno knocked this one out of the park and this might be his most ambitious book along with being the best one I’ve read so far.


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