The Electric King by Victoria Lee – Book and Audio Review : #Blogmas2021 Day 2

Hello fellow book nerds!

I finally finished my reread of The Fever King and I was so excited to continue to The Electric Heir. I’ve been meaning to read this for so long and finally came around to it.

NOTE: If you did not read The Fever King there will be spoilers. The review for The Electric Heir itself is spoiler free, as always.

See my review for The Fever King here: The Fever King by Victoria Lee – Book & Audio Review

Happy Reading!

The Electric King

Victoria Lee

The Electric Heir (Feverwake, #2)

2 out of 5 stars


Six months after Noam Álvaro helped overthrow the despotic government of Carolinia, the Atlantians have gained citizenship, and Lehrer is chancellor. But despite Lehrer’s image as a progressive humanitarian leader, Noam has finally remembered the truth that Lehrer forced him to forget—that Lehrer is responsible for the deadly magic infection that ravaged Carolinia.

Now that Noam remembers the full extent of Lehrer’s crimes, he’s determined to use his influence with Lehrer to bring him down for good. If Lehrer realizes Noam has evaded his control—and that Noam is plotting against him—Noam’s dead. So he must keep playing the role of Lehrer’s protégé until he can steal enough vaccine to stop the virus.

Meanwhile Dara Shirazi returns to Carolinia, his magic stripped by the same vaccine that saved his life. But Dara’s attempts to ally himself with Noam prove that their methods for defeating Lehrer are violently misaligned. Dara fears Noam has only gotten himself more deeply entangled in Lehrer’s web. Sooner or later, playing double agent might cost Noam his life.


After the ending of the first book, I was so excited to start this one. And the more and more I read, the more and more I was disappointed. I was so ready for this revolution to happen and while it does happen, eventually, it was just not soon enough or big enough for me to start carrying. The book took too long to get anywhere and everything I enjoyed about the first book didn’t translate in the second book. The intriguing aspect of who’s the villain and never knowing what the truth was helped me fly through the first book. I didn’t really find anything as interesting in this one. By the time the ending was slowly, very slowly, there I just wanted to be done with the book.

A lot of my negative feelings really come from Noam’s and Leher’s relationship. It was horrible and weird and I hated every aspect of it. When it was introduced I was so off-put by it and it just felt so weird. I don’t know if I can come up with a better word than weird but it was! Every scene with them I couldn’t stand and it just did not work. Then the initial spark of Noam and Dara was just not there anymore. Obviously a lot would have changed for Dara after loosing his powers but it was so much more than that. It was his whole person that changed and it didn’t work anymore. I just didn’t like any of the way the characters were now portrayed in this book and everything I was hoping from the first did not deliver.

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee did not do it for me. I was so excited to continue this duology but almost every decision made in this book did not work. The story took too long to get into and the beginning was boring. I absolutely hated Noam and Leher’s relationship so much that it really ruined the experience for me. The complete change in Dara was just too drastic. There were many decisions I did not like in this book that the parts I thought were well done, were overshadowed. I know some enjoyed it and if you can get past the issues I had, I’m sure this would be a fantastic conclusion.

Audio Review

NOTE: The narration does not affect my rating of the book

I really enjoyed the narration for the first book but I really wish a second narrator would have been introduced in this book. It was sometimes too hard to tell which character was being portrayed in the chapters because not much changed in the narrators tone of voice. I’m not talking about the inflection but just the way the characters were read. And especially since the story wasn’t doing it for me and my concentration wasn’t exactly there – it was hard to keep track.

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