Shattered Snow by Rachel Huffmire – Book and Audio Review

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I received a copy of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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Shattered Snow

Rachel Huffmire

3 out of 5 stars


Taken from Goodreads

In 2069, time-travel is restricted to observation and research. But Keltson Grammar doesn’t mind breaking a few laws. Known only as “The Mirror”, Keltson runs an underground empire that rescues unfortunate souls throughout history. However, a single misstep could send an entire agency to reinstate his clients to their original dismal fates.

Lilia Vaschenko is a Russian mechanic surrounded by cinderblock towers, ladders she cannot climb, and a glass ceiling that holds her down like a casket. She’ll do anything to escape— even work for the world’s most wanted renegade.

Margaretha is a young countess, destined to be poisoned at twenty-one. But when she discovers a mysterious mirror in the woods that transforms the world into shadows and ice, her future shatters. Chased from her familiar home, will she ever find where she truly belongs?


Starting out this book had some real promise. A retelling of Snow White but futuristic and in Russia? I loved the blend of SciFi with this story but that is pretty much where it ends. The idea of time travel being illegal because it causes too many changes in the future is so realistic. But when there is something illegal happening – there are always people breaking those laws. I was sold on the idea of going back in time, illegally, to save people who could have had a wonderful life but that does not alter the course of history as well. The first half of this book was definitely entertaining but then the end just dragged. By the time I was at the end of the story, I just wanted it to be over. It didn’t feel cohesive and I felt like the idea just felt flat by the end.

I feel like a lot of my unenjoyment of the story boiled down to the characters. Personally, I am a character driven reader so if I have a hard time connecting to the characters then I feel disconnected to the story as a whole. And I did not connect with any of the characters. The “Evil Quen” felt more forced than natural. It didn’t really make sense why she went all evil but I can appreciate the references that were made. “Snow White” really didn’t hold my attention too much either. “The Prince” was probably the most interesting character of them all. But none of them really made such an impact on me that I really care for any of them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Shattered Snow by Rachel Huffmire was an interesting concept but due to the lack of emotional connection between the characters, it fell a little flat for me. I was absolutely drawn in from the beginning of the book with the futuristic retelling of Snow White but that was really it. As the story went on, I felt more and more disconnected to the story. I really wasn’t caring for the characters and even the uniqueness of this plot could pull me in completely. If you are considering this book, I would absolutely recommend giving it a try. The story itself is unique enough to hopefully keep your interest!

Audio Review

Note: The narration does not affect my rating of the book

I thought the audio was really well done for this book. It truly captured the essence of the story. If your new to audio, I would recommend reading this as sometimes accents can overwhelm newcomers to audiobooks.

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