#FierceFemaleReads – Females Who Shoot Bow & Arrows

Hello fellow book nerds! I am so excited to bring you my post for the #FierceFemaleReads blog tour. This is a great get together that Ashley at Falling Down the Bookhole has created. The month of February we have been celebrating Fierce Females in all sorts of different formats.

While a fierce female can hold all sorts of weapons, how fierce is a bow and arrow? These weapons are so diverse and I have a small obsession with them. So I figured what a great post to do to show how strong these females are… you don’t always have to fight with a sword.

Which one is your favorite?

Happy Reading!

1. Katniss

Image result for katniss everdeen fan art

Photo Credit: Ilya Kuvshinov

Our queen. Katniss is one of my favorite heroines. She is strong, humble, and everything a fierce female should be. Katniss sacrificed herself in order to save her sister and continued to sacrifice to save all of Panem. Unstoppable with a bow, she is everything.


2. Yeva

We were introduce to Yeva in Hunted by Meagan Spooner. After their father had provided her and her sisters with finery, they lost it all and forced back to their cabin. She learned to hunt from her father when she was younger and after he disappeared, she must be able to provide for her family. Yeva was so strong and independent. Her talents don’t go unnoticed and her skills with her bow and arrow is eventually what leads to the story. She is such an amazing character and any one who can see beyond, is truly a fierce female.


3. Merida

Related image

Photo Credit: Daniel Kordek

How can we talk about fierce females without mentioning Merida? Our opinionated Scottish princess is unstoppable with a bow and arrow. After competing for her own life, she shows us what it means to be independent. We watch her discover her strengths and Merida is definitely an inspiration.


4. Mercury

In Mercury Rises, we follow Mercury as she discovers how wrong her privileged life is. The world is devastated by a deadly virus and she knows there is more her family can do, but is choosing not to. She never really studied weapons or self defense but she was drawn to her bow and arrow. After joining the resistance, she shows her strength and how resourceful she can be. Teased that a bow and arrow isn’t a true weapon, Mercury shows them in the end how fierce she can be with this deadly weapon.


5. Feyre

Image result for feyre fanart

Photo Credit: Book Fire Dragon

Feyre is a huntress. Her quick thinking and skill make the bow & arrow she carries absolutely lethal. She hunts to keep her family alive, to keep herself alive, to keep herself sane. She hunts because she must, her bow & arrow are her lifelines. But they also become her salvation. They become the tools that set in motion the events that will change her life forever. Feyre’s bow & arrow make her fierce and unstoppable. (Thank you Adrianna for the blurb)


6. Britta

Britta is one badass heroine. She was trained to by her bounty hunter father in Ever the Hunted and it is said that no one is better with a bow than Britta. It definitely has come in handy throughout the series. Britta does a lot for the kingdom of Malam and without her, it would have been doomed.


7. Serafina

Related image

Photo Credit: ALEXAst

Serafina is the Queen of the Lake Enara clan of witches. Throughout the His Dark Materials series, she becomes the guardian of Lyra and Will and helps them through the journey. While the witches in this series have many talents, Serafina was deadly with her bow. Even though there were wars between witch clans and instability in hers, she always did what she can to support Lyra and Will. Reliable and faithful she was a fierce female presence throughout this adventure.


8. Zoë

While you need to be a fierce warrior in order to follow Artemis in the hunt, you have the be the fiercest to be her lieutenant. She is introduced after saving Percy and the rest of the heroes. After that she is sent on a quest to save Artemis. To. Save. Artemis. I mean, come on – how much fiercer do you have to be in order to save the Huntress God Artemis? She has a very impressive background and is one of the bravest people in the book.


9. Susan

Image result for susan pevensie fan art

Photo Credit Unknown

Not every fierce female needs to show physical strength and Susan is the perfect example of that. Although she is not feature in all of the Chronicles of Narnia books, Susan is always present. Susan is nicknamed “Queen Susan the Gentle” because of her kind nature and voice of reason. During her reign, along with her brothers and sister, it is known as the Golden Age of Narnia. One of my favorite aspects about Susan is that even though her bow is magical and will never miss its mark – she practices and hones her skills to become the best archer. Susan relies on her skills and wits to make her the best queen she could have been.


10. Lia

I saved Lia for last because she is my queen. While each female on this list is as fierce as can be, Lia might be my favorite one. We are introduced to her in Wretched of Muirwood, and find out she’s labeled as a “wretched”. These are kids who are abandoned at birth and hold no place in society. She grows up at Muirwood Abbey as a kitchen slave. As her story continues, she learns to be the Hunter of the Abbey which gives her unbelievable skills, especially with a bow and arrow. We watch her grow into a strong woman, and I can’t say more without spoiling her story. Trust me when I say, she is everything you’d want to be and is the definition of a Fierce Female.

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