#FangirlingOnFriday – Dragons


Hello fellow book nerds! Here is week 2 of #FangirlingOnFriday – Wednesday (01/16) was National Dragon Day which leads to today’s prompt. Dragons!

Let’s be real. Dragons make everything better, everything. I love books that feature them whether it’s legit dragons or shapeshifters.

It’s too hard to narrow it down to just one which is the point of this prompt. I can fangirl all I want… and I know I am missing so many books so let me now what you’re favorite dragon book is or what dragon book you are looking forward to!

Happy Reading!



Image result for how to train your dragon book

I regret to say that I haven’t read these books yet, but I am obsessed with the movies. I absolutely adore Toothless and I just want him in my life. This is a book I definitely need to read because I just want to experience them myself.




I just started reading this series and have completed the first two in the book. This is a great series so far and I truly enjoy Ember. She is so fierce and I love her personality.


Darkest Drae Series


So this is technically the second book cover, but it is still one of my favorites – it’s gorgeous. This serious is fantastic! Full of dragon shapeshifters, healing elves, and so much snarky comments. I highly recommend this series for anyone. Ryn is one of my favorite characters ever.



Image result for the hobbit

While some dragons are good in books, there are some that aren’t. One of my favorite villainous dragons is Smaug. What an ancient, badass dragon!




Snow White + Dragons? UGH, SOLD! This was a great retelling and I loved the shapeshifting dragons in it, especially Kol. This whole story was unique and the use of dragons was perfect.



Image result for kilgharrah

I loved Merlin, still so upset it is no longer on. So how can I talk about dragons without mentioning, The Great Dragon Kilgharrah. What an amazing character!



Image result for neverending story dragon

And then we have Falkar. So amazing with such an great movie – this is another book I really need to read.



Image result for shenron

You cannot talk about dragons without talking about Shenron. I love anime and Shenron is the dragon to be. I mean, it is called Dragon Ball – and he is an intense dragon.


Other Books that I Adore

Dragon Books I Want to Read

15 thoughts on “#FangirlingOnFriday – Dragons

  1. I love dragons too, going to have to read some of these, thanks for the recommendations! I have read How to Train Your Dragon and I would warn you that book Toothless is a lot different than film Toothless who I love, but he’s still adorable.


  2. I collect all things dragons. Figurines, mugs, stuffed animals…I even have a stained glass dragon that hangs in my window.

    The Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weiss and Tracy have my favorite dragon in them. Those books are chock-full of dragons. If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend them.


  3. Talon is such a good series! Also definitely read The last Namsara! That one and it’s sequel are really good!



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