Fangirling on Friday Announcement

Hello fellow book nerds! I am trying some new things out on my blog to get a very consistent feel. I used to do freebook fridays on here but it wasn’t being well received so I changed the set up.

Over the last couple weeks of December I participated in Shaelea’s #Project14Lists and I loved it! It was so much fun and the best part about it was there were no guidelines. All you had to do was create a list of something, anything!

This inspired me to today’s announcement. #FangirlingOnFriday – every Friday I will be posting a list of things I am going to fangirl about. I decided to post no real structure for this except to follow the prompts provided. Don’t like the prompt? Then use something else! I want this to be fun so if you need to adjust a little to participate, then go right ahead.

Would you like to join this? Please feel free to do so. The steps are very simple and you can read about it below. I will be starting this next week and will post a header if you want to use it.

**UPDATE** Here is the header!!


Image result for fangirling gif

Happy Reading!


If you’d like to participate this is all you have to do:

  • Follow the prompts below and fangirl every Friday about it! Don’t like the prompt? Adjust it if you need to because I want all to participate. If you share on social media please use the hashtag #FangirlingOnFriday
  • You can list as little or as much as you want. There is no specified amount.
  • Please link this post so I can read your answers and share them.

Easy right?! Well here are the prompts I have planned so far (I will update so refer back to this for more prompts). I hope you join and fangirl with me every Friday.

January Prompts

01/11 – Fandoms

01/18 – DRAGONS!

01/25 – Favorite Nicknames of Characters

February Prompts

02/01 – Favorite of January

02/08 – Favorite Diverse Reads

02/15 – OTP’s

02/22 – Slow burn romances

March Prompts

03/01 – Favorite of February

03/05 – Dr. Seuss / Children’s books

03/15 – Badass Heroines

03/22 – Favorite Tropes

03/29 – Least favorite tropes

April Prompts

04/05 – Favorite of March

04/12 – Retellings

04/19 – Animal Sidekicks/Shapeshifters

04/26 – First series

May Prompts

05/03 – Favorite of April

05/10 – Royalty

05/17 – Favorite Mothers

05/24 – Evil Female Leaders

05/31 – Cover love

June Prompts

06/07 – Favorite of May

06/14 – Best Friends

06/21 – Favorite Fathers

06/28 – Evil Male Leaders

July Prompts

07/05 – Favorite of June

07/12 – Revolutions!

07/19 – Favorites of 2019 so far

07/26 – Fictional Food or Books that Feature Foods

August Prompts

08/02 – Favorite of July

08/09 – Books that Make Me Smile

08/16 – Favorite Romance Books

08/23 – Best Friends

08/30 – Intimidating Yet Rewarding Reads

September Prompts

09/06 – Favorite of August

09/13 – Books Read in School

09/20 – Pirates!

09/27 – Favorite Blog Posts

October Prompts

10/04 – Favorite of September

10/11 – Mental Health Books

10/18 – Author’s I’d Love to Meet

10/25 – Monsters!

November Prompts

11/01 – Favorite of October

11/08 – Thankful for These Characters

11/15 – Thankful for These Authors

11/22 – Thankful for These Books

11/29 – Thankful for These Bloggers

December Prompts

12/06 – Favorite of November

12/13 – Holiday/Seasonal Reads

12/20 – 2020 Books I Can’t Wait For

12/27 – Favorites of 2019

52 thoughts on “Fangirling on Friday Announcement

    1. I hope you can join – by linky if you mean a link to the page, then you can just copy/paste the URL and it’ll automatically tag me or just feel free to use the hashtag as i will be following it 😉


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